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We met Laura in April 2018 – she has a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit. She wanted to launch a business idea which was one of the first to do so in Cape Town, providing Teepee slumber parties for kids in Cape Town. We were very impressed, as she built all the teepees herself and was up and running in not time…

Teepees and Tassels was requiring a full branded solution including:

  1. Logo
  2. Email signature
  3. Business card
  4. Website

Of course she chose our Branding and Website package for start-ups. We worked brilliantly together and within a matter of days we had produced a logo that had done the rounds through her friend network and had received the seal of approval. Laura had some reference websites that she liked the look of which made the website design process a lot easier and we set about designing a website that best articulated her needs.

Once the home page was designed we worked together to form the sitemap and architecture of the website (the number of pages, what content would appear on what pages and how they would link together) after which we designed the remainder of the pages. Once the design was signed off we set about building the website using WordPress. We utilised the DIVI Theme for the framework of the wordpress website. The website build went very smoothly and after a few rounds of feedback we were live – the whole process took about two weeks.

Ethical Branding and Website design – teepees vehicle


  1. Laura took care of all the photography and provided images that we optimised and uploaded.
  2. The text content for the site was provided – we edited it to best the site with a consistent branded language and provided the data entry of all the text and images.
  3. We provided a basic search engine optimisation (SEO) service.
  4. As with all of our new clients and websites we try to encourage allowing us to host their website with 100% renewable energy 

Check out the website for a great Kids Teepee party in Cape Town.
View the Teepees and Tassels project on our website