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Ethical branding's ethical policy

When the default is doing good


We are changing. The world is changing. The balance of power is shifting. By changing our perspective of what we were taught and opening up our minds to the “real” truth about most things we can can start to make decisions that positively impact our own lives and the lives around us.

It’s difficult to wade your way through all the fake news and misinformation. There are a few things we do know – Eat natural. Drink water. Exercise. Care for people, care for animals and our environment – these actions make us happier. Studies have shown that one of the greatest ways to be happy is by selflessly helping others. One thing is certain, continuing to take from the planet is not sustainable – the well will eventually dry up and we need to act as civil society before it is too late. We need to be constanty thinking about how we can reduce waste, reduce harmful practices and give back where we can.

What does it mean to be ethical?

Be ethical to yourself. Be ethical to those around you.

Our business dealings are driven by the desire to be honest, work with integrity, transparency, professionalism, and making the least environment impact. We also don’t mean to come across as judging – everyone has travelled their own paths – this is the path we are on and hope that through our actions others might follow.  You can find our comittment to our ethical and environmental policies below. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead
adjective eth·i·cal \ ˈe-thi-kəl \
1. Pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality;
2. Conforming to accepted standards of conduct ethical behavior;
Unashamedly Ethical
At Ethical Branding and website design, we  further commit to uphold the principles set out by the Unashamedly Ethical organisation and campaign. View our certificate of commitment (right).

Ethical policy

Ethical policy


  • Kindness. Be nice.

  • Integrity. Be honest and ethical in our conduct

  • Proactively promote ethical behaviour through all business dealings.

  • Work in a responsible way that is not harmful to people, animals and the planet.

  • Promote animal welfare and prevent cruelty to animals.

  • Use methods of working which are beneficial to the environment

  • Rally against discrimination

  • Support equal pay for women

  • Support local trade

  • Deal fairly and honestly with customers, suppliers, competitors and employees.

  • Provide accurate information

  • Comply with applicable government laws, rules and regulations.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to us

  • Accept responsibility for preventing, detecting, and reporting all manner of fraud.


Our environmental policy sets out our existing efforts at environmentally conscious practices.


  • We use ethical suppliers where possible and avoid companies with poor environmental records.

  • We encourage people to use ethical suppliers as listed on our ethical suppliers page.
    Please feel free to suggest new suppliers for this list.

  • We host our websites on 100% renewable energy servers and and promote this to all our clients.

  • We recycle as much as possible.

  • We have switched our daily search engine from Google to Ecosia. For every 45 online searches we make Ecosia plants a tree, paid for by their advertising. Currently we are helping to plant about 1.5 trees every day and we are encouraging as many people as we can to do the same.

  • We keep energy use low by continuing to turn off equipment / lights when not in use.

  • We keep our water usage to a minimum and recycle as much water as is possible.

  • We have reduced our paper usage dramatically.

  • Through remote working practices, we have dramatically reduced the use of transport for business.

  • We try to buy products with none or the least amount of packaging.

  • We have stopped eating meat and dramatically reduced our dairy intake.

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Environmental policy

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