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Website design and development

Affordable, intuitive, professional websites as standard


At Ethical Branding and Website Design we have been building websites for over a decade. We have had the luxury of working with both big and small organisations across two continents and can bring that knowledge to help you get the most from a website and to achieve your business goals. No job too small or too large – we have built everything from simple one page websites to multi layered financial products. 

WebSITE design services as standard

WordPress Website Design – the most used and trusted website platform in the world

Responsive Websites – professional looking websites on desktop and mobile devices

Security – Free SSL certificate (the green lock icon) and secure websites

Image Creation & Optimisation – creating and processing all the images used on your website

Content Management System (CMS) – the ability to edit most of the website yourself (some training may be required)

Google Site Map & Analtyics

Search Engine Submission

Social Media Sharing

Spam Protection – of your emails on the website

Linking your website to Mailchimp – or other newsletter system

Data Entry – of all your text and image content


Content writing and editing – writing content for you when you don’t have time or resources

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – advanced SEO to improve your Google rankings

Shop front – sell products or services from your website

Domain name registration – securing and managing your domain name

Training – on how to edit the website yourself

100% renewable energy website hosting – sleep well knowing your website is using clean and sustainable energy


Affordable and Competitive Pricing

Stylish and Professional Websites

Legitimate and Secure Websites

Low Client Maintenance

Decades of Experience

Speedy Turn Around

Sustainable & Ethical Practices

Transparent Communication

Different types of websites you can choose from

Off-the-shelf WEBSITE

An off-the-shelf-template contains a predefined look and feel – we can change the colours, fonts and images so that your website looks unique to you – the website will come standard with five pages including Home, About, Products/Services, Contact, Blog. We have a number of professional looking themes for you to choose from.

  1. Starting at R4,000 ($275)
  2. Can be completed in 2 days – the whole process with client approvals, requesting content, development, content and data entry can take up to one week.
  3. See a list of off-the-shelf-templates you can choose from.
Ethical branding and website design theme website option image

Bespoke Website

When the off-the-shelf website template does not satisfy your needs – you may have a specific design in mind or specific functionality requirements unique to your business.

  1. Starting at R8,000 ($550)
  2. Depending on client requirements, completion time can take anywhere between two weeks to two months and more.
  3. We have built bespoke websites for financial istitutions, blue chip clients and smaller companies who rely on the website to manage specific aspects of their business.
Ethical branding and website design bespoke website-option image

So much more than a website

There is a lot that goes into building a website from our point of view and yours – first you need to ask yourself,  “Do I really need a website?”. These days a Facebook page can be just as effective when you are starting out and they don’t cost anything to run – what a website can do is provide in-depth information about your business in exactly the way you require it, and provide engaging content in ways that social media cannot – a website can also help to support any form of marketing campaign – having a website can also help to legitimise your business offering and become an invaluable tool in securing work as well as keeping clients and customers. Your business is unique and often you will have unique and specific needs for how your website will look and behave – we would call this is a bespoke website. The alternative to bespoke would be an off-the-shelf-template – these are very affordable and can be rolled out in a matter of days. The bespoke websites can take longer as the design and functionality will need to go through a few rounds of review and refinement before the build can start.

Things you should know before you employ a website DESIGNER

At Ethical Branding and Website Design we are all about transparency:

  1. Marketing – Having a website can be essential but alerting people to its existence is a separate job that will require some time and budget attributed to it – in short, you will need a marketing strategy and plan – At Ethical Branding and Website Design we provide a free generic marketing strategy to all our clients – the marketing strategy is particularly focussed at free and inexpensive marketing ideas.
  2. Search engine optimisation (SEO) – this forms part of the marketing strategy and is they way in which Google will rank your website for specific search terms. The nature of your business will determine how much SEO is required. Whilst there are some fundamental tasks that can be performed to the website to make it SEO ready and Google friendly, SEO is really a fundamental topic that needs to be addressed before we start to build your website. The actual content and functionality of your website ideally needs to be underpinned by your SEO strategy and, a large portion of it written exclusively with SEO in mind.
  3. Maintenance – Websites are like cars – the software, plug-ins and hardware do need upgrading and checking periodically (usually every three to four months). Clients with larger businesses and websites should budget for a maintenance plan. 
  4. Domain name registration – you will need a domain name E.g. mycompany.co.za – we can register and manage the domain on your behalf
  5. Website hosting – your website will need to be hosted on a website server – we can set this up and manage it for you – our website servers use 100% Renewable energy – the energy used to server your website to thousands of people is generated from nature – how cool is that!? Hooray!
  6. We charge a small fee for registering your domain name and setting up your website hosting. 

Previous Website Design Projects

For a list of projects please visit our website design portfolio.

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